I’m posting this on my own website because even though I’m not distributing this for any commmercial or financial reason, the song is copywrite material and Facebook would likely take it down for that reason.

The song is called Cumbersome, originally written and performed by a band called “Seven Mary Three” and released in 1994. If you are familiar with the song, be warned that we made zero effort to duplicate the original version. None. Its a decent enough song, but seven Mary Three had that minimal, post-grunge, “we object to having a decent guitar sound, or even any actual guitar talent” vibe, which, as a guitar player that cut his teeth on guitar-oriented hard rock and classic metal, I can’t say the original genre was too much to my liking.

So we fixed it 🙂

We’ve turned it into pretty much straight-up hard rock, and while Chris loved grunge, he definitely liked the bands that totally ignored the “no good guitars” rule, like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, etc, so he was 100% on-board with having a hard rock, fat guitar sound in this recording.

I even extended the song by 16 bars to add a guitar solo since the 1994 version had no solo at all.

The original artists would probably puke 😉

Please listen to this on as nice a sound system as is available. Decent earphones will work too. Please do not play it out of a laptop or phone speakers. It’ll sound like shit and I spent a lot of time and energy making this song sound as good as I can.

Since its hard rock, do yourself and everyone within earshot a favor and play it as loud as possible 🙂

For the curious, theres a story behind how this song came to be. If you’d like to read about it after you listen, click here.



  • Lead Vocals – Chris Leahy
  • Lead and rhythm guitars – Chris Leahy (Pops)
  • Keyboards – Shawn Leahy (uncle)
  • Bass – Forrest Wilkes (friend)
  • Drums – Jeff Mason (friend)
  • Acoustic Guitars – Rachel Torrey (aunt), Kirk Gossweiler (step-dad)
  • Backing vocals – Chris Leahy (Pops), Scott Houston (friend)



  • Recorded and produced by Chris Leahy (dad)
  • Mixed by Freddy Gabrsek (friend)



To download a 320 kbs MP3 file, right-click THIS link, and select “save file as”.


To download a 16 bit wave file for burning an audio CD, right-click THIS link and select “savefile as”.


In order of appearance below: Chris, myself, Shawn, Rachel, Jeff, and Forrest. I didn’t get pix of Kirk or Scott, but hope to remedy that so that everyone involved is represented…