Couple things here.

The following 5 tracks of my band were recorded and produced by yours truly in my studio.

Sweet Child O Mine” Original Artist – Guns N Roses.

Man in the Box” Original Artist – Alice in Chains

Smoke on the water” Original Artist – Deep Purple

Enter Sandman” Original Artist – Metallica

Control” Original Artist – Puddle of Mudd


While I’m primarily a guitar player, my first instrument was the piano. I dont play very often but I still enjoy it. About 2 years ago I recorded myself playing a couple pieces that I’ve always enjoyed. I performed these on my StudioLogic midi controller using Steinberg “The Grand 3” software emulating a Steinway Model D. The StudioLogic controller features a full 88 keys, which are fully weighted and velocity sensitive. It feels more like a real grand piano keyboard than any other I’ve tried, and thanks to the software, it sounds very realistic as well. I dont think I’ll be getting a real piano down here any time soon 😉

Hope you enjoy them.


Beethoven – Sonata No14 in C sharp minor (Adagio sostenuto)


Chopin – Prelude Op 28, No. 15 in D flat major


Cumbersome backing track