My name is Chris. I’ve been building hand made, custom guitars in Chester County PA for the past 4 years. As a fledgling entrepreneur, I still maintain a day job to help me make ends meet. I work in the IT industry as a UNIX Systems Engineer. I have a wonderful wife, Juanita, 2 sons, 2 step-sons, a daughter-in-law, a grandson, and 3 Chinese Crested Hairless dogs. These people and animals are the core around which everything else in my life moves and why any of this is even possible. Especially my wife. She is a constant source of love, support, and encouragement. I dont know if I’d have accomplished a fraction of what I have without her in my corner. Especially in the area of cleaning. She makes me clean stuff 😉

In addition to husband and father, I’m also a musician, mostly I play guitar (surprise), I’m a skydiver, I’m a craftsman, and I’m also a recovering drug addict and alcoholic (hence the name “Addict Guitars“) and currently have 22 years of continuous sobriety under my belt. You can read more about that following the link in the previous sentence.

As a side note, and to give proper credit where its due, I’d like to say that everything I have learned and continue to learn about the art of guitar building came from the amateur and professional luthiers and hobbyists at the “Luthiers Corner” forum at, who freely and generously share their time and knowledge and skills in the form of video tutorials and discussions that they post on-line for anyone that wants to learn. Its a wonderful, on-line community that literally changed my life.