The body will be cut from this nice pile of Bolivian Mahogany


and the top will be cut from this lovely block of Angel Step quilted maple.


Lastly, the 5-piece neck-through-body blank will be made from these. Hard maple and wenge.


7-string Floyd Rose trem…



So I milled a couple of those Wenge and Maple boards down all to equal width and height using the table saw, the jointer, and the planer



Cut them all to the same length. I left them all 2 inches long so that I can put a screw in each end to keep all th boards aligned when I glue and clamp




Milled them all down to the final thicknesses. The wenge layers are just 1/4″ and will appear as nice contrasting brown stripes up the back of the neck and headstock.

Additionally, being hard and stiffer than maple, they will add to the overall strength and stability of the neck.





Lined them up and dry clamped them so I can drill pilot holes for the screws. Screws are just t keep them aligned while clamping. They are removed after.




Then I glued them up and stuck em in the vacuum bag 🙂



Unbagged, cleaned up, and planed. Now its totally flat and square and ready to be made into a neck 🙂




Schaller locking mini-tuners.



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