This is another original design…well original is a relative term. As usual, theres no huge departure from traditional or existing guitar shapes here, and I doubt you’ll ever see any of those from me because, for one thing, I LIKE the traditional shapes, and for another, going far beyond the bounds while trying to build a functional instrument can create all kinds of design problems.

My goal is just to build the best guitars I can and leave the wierd designs to others 😉

So OK, I was recently inspired to design a 7-String model, as well as offer a “Superstrat” type model so I thought I’d kill 2 birds with one stone here.

Enter the “7 Shooter”

See what I did there? I’m tricky.


So this design is similar to, and inspired by several different existing guitar shapes. the Ibanez RG series, the ESP M-series, the venerable Jackson soloist, etc. The shape incorporates what are (IMO) the better parts of those shapes and eliminates the not-so-good.

OK, specs:

7 String design

Neck-through-body (duh)

5-piece neck, maple and wenge

Carbon Fiber reinforcement rods

Reverse 7-in-line headstock with Schaller tuners

Quilted (Angel step) maple top

Mahogany body

24 frets

25.5″ scale length

Rosewood fretboard

MOP dot inlays

Stainless Steel frets

Original Floyd Rose tremolo for 7-string

One volume, one tone, 3-position toggle

Seymour Duncan SH-6b (Distortion) 7 string in the bridge, and an SH-2n (Jazz) 7-string in the neck position

Pickups will be direct mounted in their cavities with no pickup rings…




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