I’m trying to come up with a decent name for the original design
guitar model, and having trouble thinking of something that speaks to me.

model name, not a name for the specific guitar, like “Trudy” or some dumb-ass shit like that. I dont name guitars.

I thought at one time, based on my brand, that I should name them
after different kinds of addicts. ie: tweaker, junkie, etc. and
while that might sound logical, in the end it just doesnt work for me.

The brand name does speak to me, for numerous reasons, but
thats as far as I want to go with the “theme”.

So, this leaves me with trying to come up with something better that
encompasses the form and function of this model and sounds cool.

Since its a 24 fret, 25 1/2″ scale, with a Floyd Rose, its designed for the lead guitar
player. Its a Shredder (but I dont like that for the name either).

Maybe it’ll come to me when its finished, or maybe someone will post
a comment here that I like….